Don’t waste your products – depot them instead.

Remember a few days ago when I jokingly (or so you thought) said I’d crack open my NARS eye primer to get out every last drop? Well after a frustrating amount of time fishing around in the tube for product I decided to finally do it. I’ve seen a few people do the same thing before with Urban Decay Primer Potion original bottles and a pair of scissors, but the thick plastic that NARS uses for their tube makes it a little trickier. I finally settled on a small pair of pruning shears as my cutting tool (though initially I considered using a mitre saw). In general, anything meant for cutting through tough or thick objects should work. I recommend cutting at about 1/4 of the way from the bottom end of the tube – the least amount of stuff will be down there (because you’ve used it all), but there’s a little more give in the plastic than at the very end. Beware though, because that end will go flying, and probably spatter some primer around for good measure. Just be sure to watch where it heads off to so you can get whatever’s left in there.

So if you’re wondering just how much primer was left over in the tube – this is what the neck end looked like after it was opened:

Depot NARS Eye Primer

Srsly, NARS? I mean, I understand that the laws of physics dictate that there will be some areas of the tube where the wand just can’t go – but that’s why I really wish this stuff came in a squeeze tube (also for sanitary reasons).  I used the tiny little spoon that came with my Benefit Erase Paste to scoop it out, and transferred it to one of my leftover sample containers from Sephora (by the way, never throw those away). The end result looked like this:

Depot NARS Eye Primer

That’s over halfway full, so I’m guesstimating at least another month of use in there. That would put me around six months of almost-daily use – not half bad for a product life span, especially considering how awesome it is.


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  1. thank you that is a great idea for when you get to the bottom of your product I will have to try that and you can get those pots at Michael s or your local craft store

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