Shipping Shenanigans: Overpackaging

Online stores, y u no save the environment? I understand that makeup is fragile, but honestly, is this necessary?

Saks shipping

I ordered three Burberry eyeshadows (swoon – reviews & swatches coming soon), and this is what I got. I decided to measure, just for funsies. The volume of the product alone is 11.25 cubic inches (2″x2.25″x2.5″). For some reason, Saks felt it was necessarily to ship it in a 9.5″x8″x3.25″ box, which for those keeping score at home is 247 cubic inches –  more than big enough to ship every single eyeshadow Burberry offers.  I wonder if they’d use the same size box if I did order them all (if only). Perhaps they felt the need to justify their $10 shipping fee.



  1. I know exactly what you mean! I bought my boyfriend a tiny little tie clip for his birthday from Macy’s and the box that it came in was GINORMOUS haha it was so rediculous. It literally could have come in a box the size of my palm but it it was the size of like 3 shoe boxes put together. I don’t understand haha

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