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Part seven of the How to Makeup series. You’re probably sitting there thinking “Why do I need to put makeup on my eyebrows? That’s crazy!” If this is you, then just sit tight until the next section, because this doesn’t apply to you. Or does it? Brows create a frame for the eyes and act […]

I admittedly am not a pro at nails. My hands aren’t really steady enough to do the awesome nail art that I’ve seen on some people – let’s go ahead and blame that on my caffeine intake – so I’m usually a one-color-on-all-fingers girl. The past year or so though I’ve been wanting to branch […]

A little bird told me (and by bird I mean email) that Tarte.com is having a friends and family sale now through August 4th. Use the code TARTEFF to get 30% off. You can also get 4% cash back by going through Ebates first.

Part six of the How to Makeup series. Eyeliner: What is it? A powder, liquid, cream or pencil product used to enhance (or completely change!) the outline of the eye. Why might I want to use this stuff? Eyeliner is the picture frame for the eyes. It can be as subtle as making your lashes […]

Just a quickie update everyone- It’s only been a pretty short time since I started blogging, so it’s a huge frickin’ deal to me to see that I already have some followers and people that comment! So I thought now would be as good a time as any to point out that I would love […]

After I saw the swatches of the new Le Blush Creme de Chanel over on The Non-Blonde, I just knew that I had to run out and buy Fantastic – this particular color was an unfilled position in my blush lineup, and Chanel’s take on it is absolutely gorgeous. This blush comes in a familiar […]